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The large number of potential CA-Clipper internal errors does not indicate weakness in the product. Instead it is a strength -- it shows that error checking has been written into the run-time libraries at every opportunity. In fact, these error messages don't usually indicate an internal fault in CA-Clipper, but are an indication that some problem in your source code or operating environment has been intercepted. This list includes version 5.2 and 5.3 errors, but is not exhaustive. The CA-Clipper newsgroup is the source of some of this information. Research continues!
   0  Error System Integrity Error
   1  Evaluation Stack Underflow
   2  Memory Error
   3  Memory Error
   4  Memory Error
   5  Memory Error
   6  Buffer Error
   7  Buffer Error
   8  Buffer Error
   9  Buffer Error
  10  Too Many Nested BEGIN SEQUENCE/END Blocks
  11  BEGIN SEQUENCE/END Integrity Error
  12  Evaluation stack underflow after BEGIN SEQUENCE/END
  14  SORT Error
  15  SORT Error
  16  Database Not Open
  17  NTX File Corrupted
  18  NTX File Corrupted
  19  NTX File Corrupted
  20  NDX File Key Type Error
  21  NDX File Key Type Error
  22  NTX File Key Type Error
  24  Write Error
  37  Too many symbols in symbol table
  92  SORT/INDEX ON Error
 331  String/Array buffer/memory overflow
 332  String/Array memory overflow
 335  String/Array invalid pointer
 336  String/Array memory overflow
 340  Too many Extend locks
 415  Cannot open overlay file
 416  Read error on dynamic page file (overlay)
 520  Attempt to get value for an invalid field type.
 521  Replacement of field with invalid data type.
 612  EVAL() given something other than codeblock.
 650  Out of stack space
 666  C Function Attempt to Free Invalid Pointer
 667  Eval stack crashed
 668  Runtime error handler error (eval stack fault)
 669  Cannot expand MEMVAR table (eval stack fault)
 670  Memory initialization error
 701  Unable to locate keyboard driver upon startup.
 702  Keyboard driver I/O error upon startup
 703  Unable to locate display driver upon startup
 704  Screen display driver I/O error upon startup
 705  Unable to determine disk drivetype upon startup
 706  Disk drivetype I/O error upon startup
 715  Printer not ready.
 773  Dynamic overlay system not linked in.
 998  Missing function
 999  Attempt to execute invalid code
1010  Read/write in index page failed
1011  Read/write access in index page failed
1020  Record not found
1101  Maximum workareas exceeded
1102  Requested RDD not linked
1112  Read value larger than 64kb
1201  No master index in use
1202  Fatal runtime error
1210  Data and Index files out of sync
1240  Index key evaluation error
1242  Data type mismatch on key replacement
1255  Damaged index header
2155  Read error on index heading page
4001  Number of METHODs exceeded
4406  Temp file read error
4412  Indexing miscalculation
4414  Indexing miscalculation
4424  Temp file creation error
5003  Bad block index
5211  SWAPFILE creation error
5302  Conventional memory exhausted
5304  Conventional Memory Exhausted
5305  VM Swap Space Exhausted
5306  Conventional Memory Exhausted
5311  VMM Unable to Create Swap File
5312  VM Swap File Overallocated
5313  VMM Write Error on Swap File
5320  VMM IAMBS Manager Error
5321  VMM system unable to free EMS page
5333  Misuse of VM System
6003  Integer divide by 0
8002  Indexing error
8009  Unknown error
9001  Database RDD failed to load
9002  RDD invalid or not linked
9005  Unable to load database table
9006  DBFNTX RDD index buffer access error
9999  Invalid .EXE caused by RDD unavailable at startup
----  VM Integrity failure

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