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These programming techniques focus on specific areas of CA-Clipper. 
If you are looking for information on how CA-Clipper works with networks, then visit the Networking with CA-Clipper section of this site. 
Running on Windows NT   Tuning CA-Clipper apps for Windows NT.
Moving to Windows   An overview of some of the tools available.
Introduction to RDDs   A primer on this important technology.
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Data File Headers and the Year 2000   Differences between database systems.
Understanding Arrays   What they're for and how to use them.
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Handling Dates   Solving the Year 2000 problem with CA-Clipper.
DOS Error Message Function   Convert the error number into a message.
Record Recycling   An efficient technique that replaces pack.
The Pack Command   Eliminate the dangerous pack command.
Providing Default Parameter Values   Make CA-Clipper functions smarter.
Outside-In Programming   Reduce programming errors with this technique.
The Macro Operator "&"   A built-in CA-Clipper mini compiler.
Initializing Arrays   Different ways to create and initialize arrays.
Replace a Public Variable With a Set/Get Function   Protect global values.

Line numbers to the left of the source code samples have been added for clarity -- they are not part of the source code

...more to come: screen savers, background processing, mouse support...

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