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This page lists Fairlight components for trade or sale by their owners.

Note about floppy disks: The 8" floppies for Series II/IIx must be double-sided, double-density, soft sectored, 256 byte record length. The Series II only requires single-density, but double-density seems better. On the soft sectored disks there is a small hole in the jacket, which reveals a hole in the media itself once per revolution. This acts as a tachometer to the drive, or as an index of sector 0. The hard sectored discs have two such 'windows' in the jacket which reveal a polar array of holes (possibly 32). The extra holes confuse the Fairlight drive.

Note that Fairlight in Australia no longer manufactures the CMI Series II and III, but they do have a number of newer products that grew from the Series III. My web site is not affiliated with Fairlight Australia.

I have posted my vintage and previously enjoyed equipment for sale, including my Fairlight CMI II and another CMI. See the list.

Update: In order to keep things relevant on this page, postings older than 3 years will be automatically removed unless I am notified otherwise.

For Sale or Trade

Over the last few years, this Swap Shop page has helped to sell more than 42 Fairlight CMIs plus other equipment to people all over the world. These machines are very well built, but be sure to ask lots of questions, whether buying or selling, and give them a good home! I am looking forward to helping Fairlight owners, both new and old, for a long time to come.



If you are looking for a place to exchange ideas or information, please visit my Message Board page.


Note  If you have anything Fairlight-related to trade or sell, or are looking for something and wish to have it listed on this page, please contact me. The maintainer of this web site receives no financial remuneration from the possible sale of any items listed herein. This page is provided as a public service only.

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