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Many of these links are referenced elsewhere at this site. 

CA-Clipper Links 
comp.lang.clipper   The Usenet Clipper newsgroup. 
Extended Systems Inc.   Makers of the fabulous Advantage Database Server (ADS), which adds index integrity and amazing performance for Xbase applications that access DBF files over LANs and WANs. They also make Advantage Internet Server (AIS), which uses the Internet as a WAN for remote access to data. If you have legacy CA-Clipper apps that need to have extended life, you must investigate ADS and AIS. I am an Advantage reseller. 
The Oasis   This is a file archive of CA-Clipper demos, utilities, source code, patches, and libraries run by Phil Barnett. 
WinDAT Home Page (formerly CDAT)   The Windows Developer Association of Toronto (formerly Clipper/Visual Objects Developers Association of Toronto) is the premier group in Southern Ontario dedicated to the support of applications development on the Windows and PC platform. With a tradition of CA-Clipper and CA-Visual Objects, their mandate has been expanded to include other languages. 

Internet Links 
David Siegel   This site has some good information from a serious web monger, but getting past his initial "menu" can be a challenge (he ought to know better!). His Web Wonk is particularly useful. 
Google   My favorite search site. I have been using it since it was a college project. It seems to give the most relevant results. 
MetaCrawler   Since all of the top search engines have their shortcomings, the best way to find anything is to use more than one of them. This site does just that -- it submits your query to several engines and merges the results. MetaCrawler is overloaded with "portal" nonsense which slows you down, but try it anyway. 
High Five Awards   David Siegel gives his High Five award to the best designed sites on the web. A worthwhile place to visit to find out what is considered "best", although they seem to gush over sites that are graphically flashy rather than usable. Now no longer actively updated. 
Netscape Developer's Edge   The place to be if you want to find out about Netscape's Internet/intranet development tools and solutions. 
Web Page design for Designers   This site by Joe Gillespie has good information on design. The grey text on the dark blue background makes it difficult to read, but otherwise the design is attractive and consistent. As a bonus, the entire site can be downloaded for off-line viewing. Received a High Five award in 1996. 
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual   Good information on site organization. This site is very cleanly presented. The pages are small and linked sequentially with "Prev Page" and "Next Page" buttons, which makes for a very comfortable experience. 

Other Links 
The "HOLMESTEAD", Georgian Bay, Huronia, Ontario   My father's site. He is a Gentleman Farmer and custodian of a recognized wetland. Topics covered include conservation and political issues. 
Niagara Region TOURISM Pages   Links and information about the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario. 
NotMilk   This site purports: "[Cow] MILK is a deadly poison. Each sip contains growth hormones, fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, blood, pus, antibiotic, bacteria, and viruses". If I understand it right, Olympic athlete Flo Jo (who was in a "milk moustache" ad) appears to have died of a severe alergic reaction to milk products. 
Pumpkin Farm   This one is just for fun. My brother-in-law's site. I created the software that makes the pumpkin monster move and speak. 
Socan   The performing rights society to which I belong. Unfortunately, this site is not "performance enhanced". Many elements are overweight graphics where text would have been as effective and more efficient. 

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