GH Services is the first North American MIDIjet dealer. GH Services is located in the Niagara Region of Canada, near Toronto and the Canada-U.S. border. Owner Greg Holmes is an award-winning musician, ready and able to help you with any questions you have. More about GH Services here.

The *NEW* MIDIjet Pro kit
The *NEW* MIDIjet Pro kit

Long-Range Wireless MIDI Transmitters

Eliminate MIDI cable troubles with the NEW MIDIjet Pro wireless MIDI adapter!

The MIDIjet Pro system connects any two pieces of MIDI gear. It's designed for live performance or any other situation where laying MIDI cables would be a problem. It's as easy to use as standard cables. Just plug the transmitter into the MIDI output of a keyboard, and the receiver into the MIDI input of a sound module.

It's also great for MIDI wind controllers such as the WX7/BT7, WX11/BT7, WX5, MIDI EVI, and Casio DH-100 / DH-200 and portable remote keyboard such as the Roland AX-1, AX-7, or Yamaha KX5. Electronic drum players (using the Zendrum for example) can also benefit from going wireless. MIDIjet is great for both live events and studio environments.

MIDIjet Pro antenna hinge
MIDIjet Pro antenna hinge

The transmitter and receiver both have hinged antennas, to allow for many mounting possibilities. The transmitter can be attached (using the included wire belt clip or a rubber band or hook-and-loop) to MIDI wind instruments or portable MIDI keyboards, or it can be held in a pocket or cell phone belt pack.

MIDIjet Pro transmitter (black) and receiver (white)
MIDIjet Pro transmitter (black) and receiver (white)

MIDIjet is designed to replace standard MIDI cables in situations where cables restrict performer mobility, are visually unpleasant, or are awkward to connect. In live performance environments, MIDIjet liberates the stage floor of MIDI cable clutter. It is also ideal for connecting music equipment in home studios, where hiding cables can be aesthetically important in a multi-purpose room.

Every MIDIjet Pro wireless adapter contains a unique identifier. At the factory, a transmitter and receiver are "bound" together so they acquire their counterpartís unique identifier. You can perform the binding process yourself, but this is usually only done when you have backup devices on hand, as you would if you were touring. The benefit of the binding is that it encodes the conversation between two devices, which may allow multiple pairs to be used on the same radio channel (although that is not normal procedure).


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2 AA batteries, 1 DC adapter

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Greg, I got a chance to work and use my MIDIjet wireless New Years Eve and it worked great and gave me the freedom I've been needing for years regarding my keyboard controller. The band and my audience were impressed and thrilled as I trekked across the stage and in the audience without a cable limiting me and tangling up. Thanks for being so innovative...I love it! · Ron Ivory

I'm having a ball with it! :-) Thank you so much and congratulations to you and the folks at Classic MIDI Works for making wireless MIDI really work. · Don Lewis

Hey Greg, Just wanted to give you a quick thumbs up on the MIDIjet. I used it this weekend with the Yamaha AX-1 and it worked flawlessly. I was worried that people and/or tables, etc... would obstruct the signal but I even went around the corner of the bar and it still hung on. Thanks for a great product and a great addition to my setup. I don't miss having that long midi cable trailing behind me at all! · Joe Caluda, New Orleans, LA

Friday was the big day! Took it out to Tomorrowland stage at Disneyland and it worked completely flawless! I could've been halfway across the park and it would've worked! =) Well, at least it felt that way. Latency was surprisingly low... obviously you wouldn't want to be 300 feet away playing something really fast and complicated - but I don't think I'd want to do that wired either! It was kinda funny, with everything else on that stage that goes wrong on a nightly basis, the sound guy mentioned, "wow, something that actually works!" which is a huge compliment! Took it out on Sunday as well and did an all day run... worked like a charm... not a single dropout! Wish I could say that for the wireless mics! The bass player and I chased circles around the stage a few times and it held up perfect! What can I say... it just worked! =) · Jon-Michael Kubis

My unit arrived at my door on Thursday before a big 4th of July weekend with gigs every day. I quickly set up the receiver and transmitter and had them synched in minutes. I spent most of that Thursday night walking around my house with my Roland AX-7 and MIDIjet and listening to the music coming out of my studio. It was a very liberating experience! The big day came on July 4th. We performed at the local baseball stadium for the fireworks extravaganza. I had the AX-7 and MIDIjet connected to my Motif and wandered all over the ball field hyping the crowd while playing. It was the greatest feeling in the world! Not once did the MIDIjet give me any problems. Smooth sailing all the way. It just plain works and works great! If I lost or broke this unit I would immediately reorder! Thank you for such a great product! · James Ely, California

Happy New Year Greg !!! I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying using the MidiJet Pro with my Roland AX-1. It is truly an awesome setup. Although I am only controlling one out of my 3 keyboards, it works fine for the selection of songs I use it on, which is anywhere from one to 4 songs per set. I also use my wireless headset mic so I can run around the clubs playing and singing. No interference at all. Its range is really great too. If I had to guess, I think I've been up to at least 200 feet from the stage, if not more, and from the stage on ground level, to the 2nd story of the courtyard. I've actually gone inside the second story area while performing and there was no dropout. I will probably consider a second unit for my second remote keyboard. Take care, and talk to you soon. · Chuck Pedersen, Florida

Works great! Totally happy. You liberated me from the constraints of the dreaded MIDI cable. I can't thank you enough. · Paul Hampton, The Skeletones

The MIDIjet Pro performs SPECTACULARLY in live performance! It enables me to wirelessly send all midi information from my EWI controller to my Mac G5 sound sources on stage. There have been no drop outs, no noise, no midi inconsistencies, a huge range of distance, and virtually undetectable latency and the transmitter and receiver are tiny! I love the MIDIjet. It has given me a new sense of wireless freedom on stage. · Michael Brecker, tenor saxophonist, composer, and eleven-time Grammy-winner

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